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              Welcome to Jiangsu ChengDe Steel Tube Share Co.,Ltd.!  
              Product Categories
              Seamless steel tubes for ships
              Seamless steel tube for transmission of
              Seamless steeI tubes for structures
              Seamless steel tubes for petroleum
              Seamless steel tubes for high-pressure
              Pipe-Line Seamless Steel Pipe
              Seamless steel tubes for oil casing and tubing
              Seamless steel tubes in small calibers for high(low and medium) pressure boilers and petrochemical i
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                   Chengde's products positioning: products enabling large production capacity wide range of product line, the best quality and the lowest costs Operation policy: large product varieties, large varieties of steel, creating a well-known brand name, short period for product development. Products required to cover all the industrial fields in the country and replace some of the imported products and involve all the stainless steel and carbon steel in all grades involved in the international standards; product well received by users both inside and outside China for their high quality.
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